Me while writing my soon to be published eBook app “The Date”.

Wrote two new chapters today, my aim is for my first book to include at least 10 chapters. A few less or few more wont hurt.

Im trying hard to present this Book as good a possible. I have plans to write another book that I always wanted to direct a movie about but that will have to wait as all my focus is on “The Date” trilogy. 

Well, I would like to have a moment of your time to update you all that my upcoming book is going strong. No date on release but it should be soon, and by soon I mean very soon.

The Book is about a post apocalypse NEW earth with a few survivors that are about to discover the truth behind the apocalypse and whats really going on behind the scene. 

The Book will hit the IOS “iPhone/iPad” app store and will be placed at $0.99 with its own reading app and NOT in the iBooks store for now. It is also the first part of my intended trilogy but thats not confirmed as well.

I must say I am vey excited and hope you will enjoy reading it as much as Im enjoying writing it. And ah, the book cover/art is not final as well.

Peace out for now.