Gears of War Judgment on Xbox One


Gears of War Judgment, better gameplay than 3 with worse Horde mode. A perfect balance lol. Jokes aside, Judgment had the best weapon switch up and enhanced gameplay along graphics and deserves to be played again. Having received it for free with ultimate edition I downloaded it and started online versus mode.

Being a VIP member, I jumped on the special event which is explosive weapons for all with no ammo to be picked on the ground. I played this mode with a friend for about 8 rounds and managed to reach level 50 -I was 44-. The game is still fun with an active community and great maps and modes unlikely the ultimate edition. I suggest getting the DLCs for maximum fun from the Xbox 360 store or the website.

The Survivor aka Horde mode is weaker than the previous Gears 3 due to the addition of the generator protection but its still fun to play and enjoy. The difficulty is also greater than 3.

Once again, all Gears of War collection comes free with the Ultimate Edition should you play it before December 1st. I already have the original disk, buthaving everything on my hard drive without switching discs is more convenient. I just wished that Microsoft would have increased Anti-aliasing as the games lookless dated. Other than that, a must play to this day until Gears of War 4 comes out, hopefully with a better online play than Ultimate Edition.

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