GTA V PS4 patch downgrades graphics for preformance


Well well well, looks like PS4 gamers are getting PCed if thats a word. Latest reports claim that the latest GTA V makes the game look little worse in return for performance boost. Not the kind of patch I expected but here is the thing;

Consoles are not PCs, never were never will. When you initially¬†program the game, take in mind the most important thing; Performance. Should the developers optimized the game from the start this whole thing wouldn’t have had to happen and we wouldn’t know the difference to begin with.

Now that this magic patch was released this will forever hunt the game, platform and some gamers. I understand that both side make an argument but this whole thing could have been avoided from the start, considering we are talking about last gen game.

I cant help but feel I’m gaming on 1999 PC where I have to balance out the graphics and performance, this shouldn’t happen on consoles as all PS4s are the same and developers should have thought about this before releasing or should I say re releasing GTA 5.

On the other hand, where is the PC version? PC gamers are told to wait for better optimization so the devz better deliver or we will have another pointless wait.

Overall, I find this new practice little strange and don’t belong in console gaming. Gone are the days where developers put in allot of time and effort releasing their games on PlayStation one and Sega Saturn without any patch or fix and games worked fine. New days, we have lazy developer releasing half made games with micro transactions and DLCs to milk you of every dollar.

I understand games are harder to make and cost more but stuff like this should not happen regardless. At least give us the option to on off this.

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