First of all, this is not a conspiracy theory. This post is simply a collection of thoughts and ideas after some research and living in a pandemic like everyone else. I still go to work. We do our thing in a different environment where we don’t meet a lot of people. I still wear a protective mask to and from work. I clean the surface of the shared desk and wash my hands regularly even before the pandemic.

I understand that this is a severe disease. What I don’t know is the idea that this is the new norm and that we should continue to isolate ourselves despite the borders being open in some places. Some predict that this pandemic may last years. Are we supposed to sit at home forever with all the business shut until every single person in the world is free from Covid-19? If this were a full lockdown with closed borders, I would understand. All it takes is a single person to infect the rest, so what exactly is the point here?

I’m not pushing the idea of reopening everything and going by with our lives as if nothing has happened. That won’t be very smart. I’m merely questioning the idea of hiding under the bed for the rest of the foreseeable future. Some claim that the lockdown helped the medical staff, not end the virus. Well, now hospitals are closing down due to being empty, and nurses are making Tiktok videos, so I guess this counts as a win?

Many family businesses are suffering. Many will close down, adding to unemployment. Not to mention the mental toll of being locked and lack of social exercise activity.

Protecting the elderly is a top priority, but doing it the right way is vital. Wearing a mask outside, continually washing the hands, and practice good hygiene should help. Enjoying an outdoor exercise at a safe distance helps a person without compromising others. The immune-compromised can continue to stay at home and enjoy online shopping delivery. In contrast, the able ones can continue to work. No one system fits all. Balance and support from all are the way further. One should make decisions on logic and reason, not emotions.

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