dcGreat to see a company support and update post sale games for free. Sega announced that it will start updating Steam ports soon with enhancements such as achievements and more. Great news as most of the old school Dreamcast ports can use HD update to bring them up to date. Now I am hoping for more re releases as Sega Dreamcast old school fan. Ports of Saturn would be nice as well but Im not crossing my fingers as Saturn ports tend to be hard to reprogram as far as Sega claims.



Lets see how things develops.

It is no secret that I was and still am Sega Saturn and old school SEGA fan. It is this issue that I first picked up in the super market years ago along with it’s demo.

1I remember rushing to my Black Saturn and testing the demo using the official region free card. Boy was I amazed. I remember playing world wide soccer over a 100 times and trying to glitch my way out of the map in steep slope sliders. The days gaming was actually fun and inventing.

Fast forward to today and I managed to score some mags of my past and a couple of new ones. The reason I stopped going further is cause I don’t wanna be broke from the start as I have bills to pay and people to take care of. Never the less, these amazing gems will surly bring back the nostalgic feeling and joy to my heart.


Reading about the amazing Xmen vs Street Fighter after playing it in the mall.



Reading about Dreamcast for the first time and seeing Sonic Adventure, I got super excited and little sad cause I knew that we would not be able to afford this any time soon.


Bought it from the mall’s book store. The CD was missing though.

5 6

I cant say the deal was cheap but its well worth it.