Batman Arkham Knight gets M rated, not surprised

baknm_arkham_knightSo Batman Arkham Knight is now getting the M rating for the supposedly increase violence and for some reason people are surprised! The way I see it; Arkham games were always intended for adults with deep and somehow emotional story along with the in game deaths.

The first game set the mood for the insane taking over the island killing the guards and hijacking everything. Arkham City followed with a more dangerous feel as no one is safe in the no law land. It is only natural that the next and the final game will end with more violence and death considering the power of the next gen. And with the rumors flying around that Batman himself might end up dying I am not surprised of the rating at all.

I for one wish that the next game will force Batman to be more brutal facing someone like the Arkham Knight. Regardless of all, Arkham Knight got this rating for a reason and although this may rob the developers a few thousand dollars, the story will be told the way it was meant and that’s why I am happy.

Not many would sacrifice extra sales for quality and in today’s unfinished games era I am glad to hopefully witness a master peace done right and the way it was intended.

All this however should not give you an idea that Batman will start killing thugs left and right although he had done so accidentally if you played any of the Arkham games, instead a more violent Batman will do what he can to save the city while even if it meant dying in the process.

I expect Batman to make an exception and take Arkham Knight with him as he goes down but that may be crazy talk and Batman end up trying to save Arkham Knight after beating him or puting in him in danger but nothing is certain.

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