Surprisingly I am enjoying Harry Potter book

Lets get something clear; I don’t hate reading. I am however very picky on what I read and when. I need to be in a quiet place with the right mood and often lose focus fast.

When the first Potter book came out, everyone around was reading it except me. Years went by and the films are now finished. At some point I decided to give it ago but did not want to pick the hard cover version as it was a bit expensive and I wasn’t ready.

Now I’m at the mall with my girl, I enter the book store and I see the paperback version at a normal price. I say to myself that this is it, I’m picking it up and buy it.

Not knowing what to expect I place it next to my bed and go to sleep. Two days later I crack open it and that was when I realized that reading can be fun. This was not the first book I read and I have some pending but this is the first book that made reading fun and exciting.

I am now half way through and looking forward to finish the story. Every chapter is broken down into reasonable exciting parts that push the story forward.

I admit that I still find it little hard to concentrate for a long time but I hope as I train my brain I will over come this problem.

All in all, this is a great book that should be picked by any one at any age who enjoys adventure and fun. This post was never meant as a review or advertisement but I’m glad I did pick it and you should too.

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