Revisiting CRYSIS on the Xbox

I still remember getting the special edition version of Crysis from my former go to game store at the mall. I don’t remember how I first heard about the game but I knew two things; the game was ahead of its time and that my family PC won’t be able to run it. So I get home and open up my new game only for the DVD drive to not recognize the disk inside. Now I know CD/DVD drives die over time but it read other DVDs just fine. Anyway, I managed to swipe up the DVD drive from my friend’s PC and finally install the game as we gathered at his place. Finally, the menu came up. I lowered everything to low in hopes that the game will be playable.

The game starts I am on the island shooting trees and watching turtles. The game’s frame rate is unstable but who cares, I’m ruining my own version of Crysis. I was amazed by the game’s mechanics from picking up dropped weapons to throwing enemies around. The open world plus destructible environments give this game a futuristic feeling. Farcry had islands and cars but Crysis took it to another level. The level editor only sweetened the deal. Playing around with the level placing objects around while changing the time of the day only added to the already awesome experience. Once I completed the game, I put it aside promising to replay it in its full glory once I finally have a powerful machine.

Fast forward to 2018 and I’m once again replaying this master peace, except this time it’s ruining on Xbox One as 360 backwards game. As I said, I was intending to replay the game on my PC but I decided to give this version ago for the achievements and because I’m a collector. So the game finally gets downloaded and started (but not before a quick game of Titanfall 2). The familiar menu appears and the first chapter loads. The opening looks OK and I’m quickly thrown off the plain and this is where I first noticed that something is wrong. Ignoring the Draw Distance, the frame rate was horrible. Not unplayable but not good at all. I land and the actual game starts. Still slow and heavy. The world looked wrong with aliasing all over the place.

Now I understand that it is a miracle that the game was able to run in the first place but couldn’t they at least lowered something else and smoothed the game a bit? The gameplay itself remains unchanged with the same great mechanics as I remember. I thought that nostalgia was making the game better than it was but no, the game is indeed this great. Even on the Xbox 360. Progressing using a controller was good which I’m happily giving the devs credit on this one.

All in all, this isn’t unplayable if you never played the PC version. But for the ones that did on decent settings, this feels like a broken game. Never the less, I’m happy to play and hopefully complete it getting the achievements on the way. If you haven’t played this before, pick it up. It is arguably better than the second and third parts. I do feel that the price is a bit high at 20$ but this IS a good game after all.

10 Xbox 360 games that must be added to Xbox One backwards compatibility list


10 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Love it or hate it, you cant ignore it. Call of duty MW3 is arguably the best multiplayer version among all CODs. It is only fair to bring it to Xbox One as the game has an active online community to this day. Even the story mode is not that bad.


9 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Beautiful world with magical creatures and a horse to ride, whats not to like? Seriously though, the world is big and amazing. I spent my fair share of exploring the land and it never gets old. The fighting animation is little off but other elements make up for it.


8 Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Zombie mode! People still play this beside MW3 on Xbox 360 so why not port it to Xbox One as well?


7 Sonic Generations

A sad fact, the classic SEGA is long gone and replaced with generic games and mobile ports. Sonic Generations is an exception! I don’t know how, but Sonic Team did make a great Sonic game after Dreamcast. Sadly, the game did not get the attention it deserves.


6 Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition

Its GTA for Christ sake! Fifth part is all well and good but don’t forget the classic that many awaited on then so next gen.


5 Batman Arkham Collection

Arkham Asylum brought back Batman from the dead. The super hero never looked better. Rumors has it that Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are being remaked for Xbox One and PS4, is so then I suppose its not a great idea to bring these two back. Origins seems to be the logical choice.


4 Resident Evil 6 Archives

Bringing Resident Evil 4,5 and 6 to Xbox One is a must! Resident Evil is a well established series to simply ignore.


3 Dead Rising

Even though the 3rd part is an Xbox One exclusive (also on PC), the first part deserves credits for being fun and original.


2 Alan Wake

I personally never played it even though I own it on both Xbox 360 and PC, but the good reviews as well as word of mouth made this worthy #2 on the list.


1 Red Dead Redemption

GTA on horses! Microsoft already confirmed plans to make this compatible in the next update but nothing is for sure. Anyhow, this game makes the number 1 spot in this list!

. . . . . .

That was my list, I would love to hear your suggestions. Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

Gears of War Judgment on Xbox One


Gears of War Judgment, better gameplay than 3 with worse Horde mode. A perfect balance lol. Jokes aside, Judgment had the best weapon switch up and enhanced gameplay along graphics and deserves to be played again. Having received it for free with ultimate edition I downloaded it and started online versus mode.

Being a VIP member, I jumped on the special event which is explosive weapons for all with no ammo to be picked on the ground. I played this mode with a friend for about 8 rounds and managed to reach level 50 -I was 44-. The game is still fun with an active community and great maps and modes unlikely the ultimate edition. I suggest getting the DLCs for maximum fun from the Xbox 360 store or the website.

The Survivor aka Horde mode is weaker than the previous Gears 3 due to the addition of the generator protection but its still fun to play and enjoy. The difficulty is also greater than 3.

Once again, all Gears of War collection comes free with the Ultimate Edition should you play it before December 1st. I already have the original disk, buthaving everything on my hard drive without switching discs is more convenient. I just wished that Microsoft would have increased Anti-aliasing as the games lookless dated. Other than that, a must play to this day until Gears of War 4 comes out, hopefully with a better online play than Ultimate Edition.

Simpsons skins are coming to Minecraft


I think we are starting to see how Microsoft will start benefiting from the huge Minecraft purchase and the first downloadable skins are here. For only $1.99 you will receive The Simpsons skin pack on Xbox One with Xbox 360 around feb. The rest of the platforms will surly follow although I am surprised this isn’t on the PC yet.

While this is in no way a big thing, I honestly like it as it gives some colors to an already great game. Lets just hope they wont overdo it.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Xbox 360 release


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is released on Xbox 360 for only $3.74 and that’s a good thing. Fans of GTA and retro nostalgia gamers can now revisit an updated version of the best PS2 GTA game.  I for one own the original Xbox version and I am yet to play it. The 360 version offers updated resolution and achievements so I might just give it a go considering the low price.

We are yet to hear any news on the PS3 port but I believe it will eventually come. Anyway, great news and hope to see more of old school games ported AND optimized with a great low price. I already am in the process of completing my Sega arcade collection Xbox 360 and looks like I will be adding this to my non Sega to buy list.

Microsoft could be buying Mojang


Latest latest rumblers claim that Microsoft will be buying the minecraft creator, Mojang. If that is true I expect it to go Xbox One/360/PC exclusive as it makes sense to put it on Microsoft controlled hardware except the PC which is running windows as a gaming platform.

What will the shift mean to all the mine craft fans if true? A logical solution is to keep the already out game updated but add exclusive worthy updates or DLC to the Xbox, even make it free or cheaper like Steam is doing with Left 4 Dead 2. Microsoft is a multi billion company and needs money to stay at the top and buying Mojang must have been about business and not ego.

We wait for more news and or conformation regarding this.

Adam plays Sonic 4 Episode II

Sonic 4I‘m on fire; after completing episode I, I started and completed Episode II in one go and boy, was I surprised. This game is what episode I should have been. Everything is improved, definitely a better episode.


Sonic 2014-09-03 00-45-00-784

The graphics are improved with better textures and colors. The options now allow for higher resolution as well. Not to say this is running on another engine but things has improved.

More 3D objects in the backgrounds, jumping back and fourth inside the picture makes the game feel more 3D while keeping the 2D game play intact. Once again, not a game changer but a welcome addition to an already improved game.

Score 5/5


sonic 4The picture above is something I wanted ever since Sonic the Hedgehog 2, finally introduced in Episode II. You can now tag along with Tails “controlled by the game or player 2” and preform combined moves like flaying and destroying enemies.

The stages look better and smother as well as the whole game. Each stage looks unique and well designed and unlikely episode I, interesting. Sonic now runs in a much believable way unlike the first episode. New type of enemies and stage obstacles were one of the welcomed additions as well. There is one annoying part however, just like episode I; some parts of the stage are very hard. Don’t get me wrong, I love challenging games but these parts feel over powered and annoying. Rest assure, they are in small number and rare.

Apart from that, the game looks good and plays good.

Score 5/5


Sonic 2014-09-03 01-05-56-774The game sounds did not change, however the music is better and have Sega feel to it like the nights into dreams alike stage above. Nothing significant to report here.

Score 4/5


Sonic 2014-09-03 01-03-30-705A much better Episode than the first. A must play for any Sega Sonic fan. Unlikely Episode I, this game looks and feels like a new chapter and not a mega drive Sonic remake. Get it dirt cheap on any platform including the IOS which I will review sometime in the feature.

Adam Plays Sonic 4 Episode I

Sonic_vis 2014-08-31 23-38-00-204I will not try to hide that I was and still am the biggest Sega fanboy although I slowed down by the time Xbox 360 and PS3 hit the market. Truth be told, Sega of today is no longer the Sega of Saturn/Dreamcast era. Never the less, great games do come out from time to time and Sonic 4 was a great attempt on bringing old school fans back home. I admit, I bought the game when it came out but never played it seriously until last night before going to bed. I will do my best to summarize everything in unbiased natural review.


Sonic_vis 2014-08-31 23-38-44-253

The graphics look beautiful although some aliasing is visible. I am running the game on mixed resolution and settings and everything looks great. The new cartoonish style is a nice addition to the series. Some of the objects in the background are done in 3D and will have nice effects. The stages look detailed and sonic alike. Apart from the little aliasing I have no complain.



Sonic_vis 2014-09-01 00-10-18-192

Well, what can I say.. The gameplay is good but not on the same level as sonic and knuckles. Sonic starts moving in a wired way and feels slow to start. He kinda walks faster without moving his hands which results in a strange movement. The gameplay itself is not glitched or anything but feels slower due to this problem. Everything else including enemies attack looks ok. Sonic’s homing attack feels out of place at first but you will get used to it with time, not as smoth as I hoped it would be. The 3 act per zone returns much like the first Sonic game with a fourth being a boss fight.

The game works with Xbox 360 controller right out the box.



Sonic_vis 2014-08-31 23-48-23-953

The game’s music is ok but not great. Personally, I’m not a fan although the game sounds are Sonic type. The music feels repetitive and uninteresting, at least to me.



Sonic_vis 2014-08-31 23-40-55-816

Overall, the game is good. Could have been better but its a good start for episode I. There things to do like leader boards, completing the zones faster and emeralds. Some new eliminates and puzzles were added as well as old school not so great stuff like the Night Casino zone which is full of annoying paths. There are some puzzles which are easy once figure out what to do. Basically, its  Sonic 1 remake. Most of the stages resamble the first Sonic game remade in 3D. Not necessary a good thing but cant really complain. The game is very cheap and die hard Sega/Sonic fans will definitely need to pick this up be it on PS3, Xbox 360 or Steam.

Sonic_vis 2014-08-31 23-45-45-606

Twitch acquired by Amazon


The rumors were true false, Google will not be buying Twitch after all. Instead, Amazon will finalize the deal soon to acquire the games streaming giant. I am happy that it is Amazon instead of Google and before you call me anti Google crusader let me tell you this:

I have never broadcasted anything on twitch although I am planing to. The likely scenarios if Google managed to buy it would have been:

  1. Google shuts it down and merge it with YouTube. or
  2. Ruin it to the point of no return much like the YouTube.
  3. Google +

Amazon on the other hand has a vision, to become the best and with the ongoing company innovation and services I can easily trust Amazon over Google any day. Don’t get me wrong, I love Google but in this case; not so much. You can read the announcement bellow:

On August 25, 2014, it was reported that the rumored Google deal had fallen through, and that Inc. was in talks to acquire Twitch for at least $1 billion.[37][38] The acquisition was confirmed by Twitch executive Emmitt Shear shortly after. The deal, valued at $970 million, will be finalized within the remainder of 2014.

Twitch will be operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Inc, with Emmitt Shear remaining as CEO. Shear touted the Amazon Web Services platform as an “attractive” aspect of the deal, and that Amazon had “built relationships with the big players in media” which could be used to the service’s advantage—particularly in the realm of content licensing. The purchase of Twitch marks the third recent video gaming-oriented acquisition by Amazon, which had previously acquired the developers Reflexive Entertainment and Double Helix Games.