No new Mortal Kombat announcement is complete without someone jobbing to Scorpion. Just when I thought to myself hmm, Scorpion got owned for once in a MK trailer, he appears and kills Raiden who is like the boss of the good guys. Well played Boon, well played. With that aside, its good that a new Read More →

So it’s been a few months as I took an unwanted break from blogging and writing as a whole. The reason, of course, is me being busy with YouTube as I fine tuned the channel’s intro and overall quality. Never the less, writing and blogging is something I always enjoyed since a young age and Read More →

I finally joined the 30s club, and what a ride it was. Growing older and celebrating birthdays was big to me until I turned 27 and realized that doing what I love is what I should be doing instead of waiting for the perfect opportunity. I started blogging, kick started my Youtube channel and continued Read More →