Replaying Resident Evil 5 PS3 in 2024

I still remember driving into my old video game shop in town excited to finally play Resident Evil 5 after playing the demo on Xbox 360 and being horrible at using the new controls. Originally I wanted the Xbox edition but it was out of stock and I wasn’t going to drive back home empty handed so I got the limited edition PS3 version.

Fast forward many years and I am once again playing the Xbox One remastered version coop mode with my brother. The game looked and ran great. We completed it 100% except some online challenges.

It is 2024 and I am doing a solo Resident Evil 5 run. I managed to finish the game easily on normal alone on only upgrading the shotgun. The game seemed too short this time around just like rereading the first harry potter months ago. The game still looks great and plays great. Even better than RE4 remake! While some areas aren’t that great, the game play itself is solid, even on PS3.

Playing it this way felt nostalgic and fun. It felt like we are back in 2010s. Something every gamer remembers. The gold edition includes all the DLCs and is dirt cheap on eBay. Get the 360 edition or the remaster one but do buy it and play. Doing the 100% trophies challenge as I did on the PC, 360 and Xbox One versions. Next will be the PS4. That’s how much I love and respect the old Resident Evil games.

I’m interested in what the remake will look like although I don’t like the clunky control of the 4 remake. I just unlocked the infinity Magnum so replaying it on hard mode should be easier. I like the buying systems and how buying stuff transfer to higher difficulties. All in all, an amazing game that is worth replaying in an era of meh games.

PS: Its crazy how Resident Evil 5 is now considered retro.




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