Retro Games prices are out of control!

I’ve been wanting to make a blog post/video about this topic for a while now. The Retro scene has been imploding for a quite some time and is reaching a critical state where people will simply say enough is enough.

Really? $650 for a used NES game? I know that some games are considered rare but common. Try searching for a used SEGA SATURN version of Street Fighter Zero 3. Normal retro games are not so cheap as well so it’s not just a rare few. And don’t get me started on the systems. I understand that old stuff goes up in prices over time as they are no longer manufactured and I appreciate old gems but I found myself asking if it is really worth continue paying ridiculous prices for those games? Especially that Emulators are available for free. I’m the type of guy that like playing on the original hardware but greedy eBay sellers are making it harder and harder to enjoy my hobby without breaking the bank.

And no, emulators are perfectly fine considering that companies no longer make money off these overpriced retro games. Re releasing old games as remasters seemed to help for awhile but not anymore. I’m not sure myself of what needs to be done other than stop paying for those overpriced games. Some blame YouTubers for talking about the hobby and bringing eyeballs on retro games. And while it is true that YouTubers bring attention to old gems and increase their price, it is not their fault that people are willing to pay an arm and a leg for anything. Enjoying something together in a healthy community should not be penalized.

What happens next is anyone’s guess but I hope that the Retro games market stabilizes itself before it’s too late. I myself am a die hard game hunter and collector but I know when to say no even though I really want that game. so Happy (Logical) game hunting everyone.




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