Thoughts on UFC 226


So the legendary champ vs champ fight between Miocic vs Cormier has finally happened. But before going there, lets first quickly analyze or laugh at the co-main event. I still remember Dana White and the UFC pushing Ngannou as the next big thing hard before his title fight only for it to blow up in their faces. They tried to get the hype train back on tracks only for the train to slide even further at UFC 226.

Francis spent the three rounds standing still while Lewis tried to land a few bombs. Even the commentators were ashamed of whats going on. This poor excuse of a fight reminded everyone of the first Lesner vs Goldberg WWE fight. I understand that Ngannou tried to save energy was more careful after his loss but this fight only pushed him away from another title shot or meaningful fight. Now with that out of the way, the main event itself.

I was really looking forward to Stipe having a fourth title defence but DC came prepared. Eye pokes aside, Stipe had one of the worst gameplans going into the fight. I don’t know if it was his ego or the excitement but he fought horribly. Walking toward DC with his hands down the exact way when he was dropped by Overeem. Didn’t use his length advantage and instead tried boxing at DC’s range which lead to him being dropped.

He should have used the length to his advantage by jabbing at long range. Even go for kicks. Fair game to DC tough, he did what he had to do and won.
I was expecting Miocic to be a little smarter and fight DC the same way Anderson Silva fought did.

The best part, however, was Lesnar’s interview. He went full WWE promo and for the first time delivered. People can argue that Lesnar doesn’t deserve a title shot right away but we are in super fights era and it makes sense for the two to fight stylistically. I predict Lesnar takes DC down the same way as Hunt except this time ending the fight via TKO. But this is MMA, and as we just learned anything can happen. Its been awhile since I got excited for a fight and DC vs Lesnar will not disappoint.




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