I did not own a Nintendo 64 back in the day as I was a Saturn guy and later PSone. Fast forward a couple of years and I managed to get one by trading in old DVDs with a few bucks on top via the now closed local game store. I don’t remember when but I got the famous Super Mario 64 yet never fired it up until recently. On Nintendo DS that is.

I got my brand new DS light by trading in the PSP when it was still popular. The wonderful library of games kept me buys until I picked up Super Mario 64 again and just like before, kept it in the drawer. Finally, its time came and I unwrapped the plastic around the case while at work and for the first time fired the game up.

As soon as the game booted I felt a sense of nostalgia even though I did not play the original. There is something magical about Nintendo games. Reminds me of old school SEGA. Anway, the game starts and the graphics look beautiful and colourful. The first port difference is that you start with Yoshi as opposite to Mario in the original.

The controls were very frustrating at first as transitioning from them middle stick to the normal d-pad takes practice and getting used to and that’s exactly what I did. After a few levels, the controls became manageable although still not perfect. The levels themselves seem simple yet challenging as each level contains 7 stars to collect. Some missions are a bit tricky especially with the new controls but that’s why we have Mario Wiki for.

I completed the first world and working on retrieving the rest of the hidden stars before starting the next area. Mario is not hard to unlock but I think he should have been playable from the start. I understand that Yoshi can be a little easier to control but it’s a Mario game after all. Never the less, I’m enjoying the experience as I progress further.

We also have a few mini-games to play which are always fun as well as a versus mode which you can practice solo as an extra. Overall, the game is fun but challenging for newcomers. Highly recommended for platform fans and old-school geeks alike. I will be posting my further thoughts once I complete it or discover something new.

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  1. It’s a shame more people didn’t have a chance to play Lufia, Lufia II, and Illusion of Gaia. Those RPGs definitely deserve a spot on this list.Especially more than Contra 3. And heck, what’s with Kirby 3 taking a spot on here and not Kirby Super Star? Come onnnn.And why are there no puzzle games on here? Tetris Attack was the best!

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