Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 is Coming!

Its been a while since I was excited about a game. Tony Hawks got me into extreme sports in the first place. I started aggressive Rollerblading because I fell in love with the whole culture, thanks to this game. I own almost every game in the series on multi consoles. I even own the tony hawk shred which I just got. The 5th game was horrible; hence why I didn’t bother to get it just yet.

Out of nowhere, my brother messages me the picture of a new Tony Hawk remastered game! I could not believe it! Yes, we had a remaster of the first two games before. Tony Hawk’s 2 X and Tony Hawk’s HD were great, but this should be on another level!

The game is only $39.99 for the regular edition and $170 for the collector’s pack. The later comes with the limited edition Deck, which is a great item to own for skaters. I will go for the regular Xbox one as I don’t feel like dropping a lot of cash on something I will not necessarily use, especially in these times. Maybe I will find it used on eBay down the line.

The game will be dropping on September 4. I already preordered two copies. Great times ahead. I may even replay and 100% Underground 2 while waiting.




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