UFC 226 an attempt to dethrone Conor?

So the unthinkable was just announced (not really). Stipe Miocic will defend his belt against Daniel Cormier at UFC 226 on July 7th just 6 months after his war with Ngannou. Daniel Cormier did have a 13 winning streak and defeated kinda big names back in strike force but then again, that was years ago and he is not getting any younger. Let alone the fact that he will be fighting a heavyweight GOAT Miocic.

Both men are champions in their respective divisions and despite DC cleaning out the division I still see no real reason to give him an immediate title shot at Miocic belt. The guy is on an amazing winning streak and his only losses are against Joe Jones, but that’s in light heavyweight. A division less dangerous than a place where every punch can KO you.

DC got rocked before and arguably losses the standing exchange against a lot of people. He uses his weight to wrestle and throw guys around but will this be enough against a guy that just went a full 5 rounds war against a monster? Will this be enough against a guy that KOs people left and right?

The way I see it, the UFC is banking on DC wining as a card to use against Conor. McGregor is the first UFC fighter that held two belts at once hence his stock going through the roof. Now we know what came after and his refusal to defend or fight a contender because of his star power. DC wining would send a message to Conor that he is no longer the only show in town in terms of accomplishment. Will this hurt his stock? Not sure but building more stars is the way to go. Putting all of your eggs in one basket can only benefit you for so long.

Now let’s talk about the fight itself. DC cant go five rounds with Miocic. He gassed against Silva and who knows what would have happened had that fight gone for five rounds. Miocic throws deadly shots so DC have to quickly find a way to get him to the ground and use his wight to wrestle. Problem is, Miocic is no bum and can wrestle and counter on the ground himself. Not to mention his reach advantage standing.

My prediction, DC gets KOed while shooting for a takedown in the first round. Like I said, he got rocked before and is hittable. I don’t think he will withstand a deadly punch coming from a KO artist but then again DC is champ for a reason. Anything can happen, that’s the beauty of this sport. But if I had to bet my life, it would be on Miocic wining. UFC 226 will end badly for DC but that’s the worrier sprite! Diving into the danger.

The only thing that is bothering me is that DC’s belt will be intact. He gets to bring it in and take it back regardless of the outcome so Miocic is the only one who is in danger here. I understand that this is a heavyweight fight but you shouldn’t be showing off your belt from another division in a HW fight. Hype and marking make things happen I guess.

Anyway, those were my thoughts. Let me know what you think and make sure to check out my YouTube channel and follow me for more upcoming content. Thank you for reading.




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