The year 2014 was full of ups and downs life and gaming wise but it is now over and for better or worse a new year is here. I would like to wish everyone a happy new year full of joy and gaming. My wishes to all is may all your dreams come true by hard work and little luck 😉

New year gives us a chance to work on our short comings and becoming better people. And while I always say; every day is a new chance, a new year makes it better for some people to re-plan the goals and wishes for their lives so more power to them. And while 2014 was not that bad, a hopefully better 2015 is around the coroner.

Myself? I have set a few goals that I will be working on that in general makes me feel excited and looking forward. I will be getting married soon hence need to rearrange my gaming spending’s but that’s OK since I get my games at mostly eBay and Amazon. The other things include taking my YouTube and Gaming blog to the next level with a few surprises that I will be talking about in the next weeks.

I have also decided to get back in shape and even return to Aggressive Inline skating even though I wont be that aggressive like I used to. There are a few other points I cant recall but the most important ones are becoming a better person and taking my passion a step further. All in all, New Year is here and with that a chance for everyone be it career, hobby or simply trying something new.

Once again, wishing everyone a joyful New Year and looking forward to 2015 games and systems. Happy New year to all.

Here is a picture of a lama to brighten your day 😀


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