As I was going through my favorite gaming magazine Games Master I came across 3 important updates, in which 2 surprised me as I somehow missed them from the internet.

Plants VS Zombie 2 is ready and supposed to come out on 18 this month. The game apparently come on the IOS App Store in Australia and is currently awaiting international release. Question is; which platform should I get the game on? My current bid is the App Store.


GT6 is still coming out on PS3. I admit I used to be a huge GT fan, especially 4 but the latest release was a disappointment considering the time they took.


Last but not least and my favorite, Batman Arkham Next. It seems the voice actor for Batman leaked a confirmation that there is 4th Batman game in works. Arkham Asylum along with City are my best games of the year which I %100 on both PC and Xbox 360 so another 2 games is a God sent. Cant Wait!


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