So we have not one but two new switch revisions. A better version with more storage and efficient chips and a cheaper portable only one. While the first reversion is a welcome one, the later not do much.

The current switch is underpowered as it is, an even weaker model with just $100 off is not a bargain considering that you will be missing out on performance and some accessories which in my opinion isn’t worth losing over a 100 bucks. I would kinda accept the idea of the difference was $250 or so but $100? Nope, sorry.

Getting a used model or even waiting for the new revision is a wiser move than getting stuck in low power mode in the name of portability.  Yes some folks will welcome this addition as they don’t care about resolution of framerates but for anyone that do care, this doesn’t seem like such a good deal.

This also means that the 3DS is unofficially dead which is a shame as it had amazing retro feel games that were simply plug-in play in the days of 50GB day one patches. Of course there is still the rumor that Nintendo will release a much powerful switch in the future meaning that the current model will get a fare price cut. 

The difference between this and the 2DS is that the later had all the same features and power of the original except the 3D faction which allot of people  disliked including me. The 2DS arguably looked better and for a cheaper price hence why it was a success.

With all being said and done, options and choice is still good and the ultimate winner is the customer. I just hoped for better than what we are getting.

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