Spoiler Alert: Ending Discussion The Evil Within’s ending is as confusing as it gets. At first all is good and simple until you realize that things are not what they seem. Lets debug it together: Sebastian defeats Ruvik smashing his brain and wakes up from the nightmare. He then notice that everyone connected to Ruvik’s Read More →

By now, the news should be out to everyone that the newly Assassin’s Creed Unity runs very poorly and unoptimized. Surprisingly, a simple fix was discovered; disconnect the internet from your console/PC. After killing the internet the FPS should double and the game becomes playable. How did Ubisoft not test this is beyond me. Instead Read More →

Good news skaters and THPS fans; the man Tony himself twitted that he is working on another game with Activision. He also confirmed that the upcoming mobile game Shred Session was put on hold in order to fully concentrate on the next big project. Its about time if you ask me. As a big time Tony Read More →