The Galaxy S8 made me love big phones

I’ve been an iPhone user since the iPhone 4s. The size was good enough for me switching from Blackberry. Then came the Galaxy Note II. I hated the experience almost instantly but had to finish my contract only to get back to the iPhone 5s followed by 6s which was by far the best iPhone I used. I still regret selling it as it had been with me on both of my recent memorable trips but I traded it for the iPhone 7.

Back to the point. I got myself the Nexus 6p but also hated it for how big the phone felt comparable to my iPhone 6s. My iPhone felt just the right side until I got the Galaxy S8. I covered the phone up almost immediately as it was way too slippery for my liking slipping out of my pocket more than once.

After using the phone for 6 months I must say I got used to how big the screen was. Holding the phone felt great as it the curved screen made it feel smaller than it was. Going back to the iPhone 7 felt wired. The text size was unacceptable as well as the phone’s size in general. I would go for the plus size should I ever go back to the iPhone.

Of course, not all big phones are comfortable to hold and there are still limits on how big a usable phone is to me. The Nexus 6P shape, for example, is harder to squeeze due to its flat edges rather than the likes of the Galaxy S8 curved. The Note 8 seems impossible to use with one hand hence the reason I went to the normal size Galaxy S8. But overall I’m all for bigger phones. Bigger than the standard iPhone that is. All thanks to my S8.

The downsides of having a large phone are the inability to use it with one hand and issue of it constantly falling out of my pocket. I used a case for a better grip. Sure it made the phone little bulkier but it is a fair trade I guess. The one hand mode made it easier to navigate but nothing beats IOS double tap to minimize (one hand mode). Bottom line is, the screen looks amazing and everything displayed is pleasant to look at. If you are like me and hate big phones, get the Galaxy S8. You will love it.




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