UFC 183 main card was a great match with a great first round. To break it down; Diaz started clowning around the octagon and making all sort of jokes about Silva. On the other hand Silva remained calm and focused but was that enough to convince us that he is ready to retake the belt? No, here is why:

It was the return of the Spider, the all time best in the middleweight octagon. Returning from an injury is impressive, wining an unranked UFC fighter via decision is not NOT.

Let us consider the following; Silva failed to land a serious damage and instead concentrated on short attacks and defiance. And while there is nothing wrong with this, Chris Wiedemann is and will not be Nick Diaz. We are talking about a fighter who dropped and defeated Silva in both fights. Some will argue that the leg break is a freak accident, dropping Silva with a punch and basically wining up to the leg drop is not.

Leaving aside the semi retirement speech at the end, Silva in my opinion is not ready to face the champ and it shows.

The return of the Spider was great and I was amazed that he was able to kick with that leg again but the overall performance against a 2 year off unranked fighter is far from satisfying. The invincible warrior is just not there. Silva looked like any mma fighter and that is not a good sign if you wanna retake the belt from a guy that dropped you twice.

Yes Silva won, but not by a crashing dominant fashion like some are pretending. Overall, I welcome Silva back and happy that he gets to do what he loves but at the same time I’m being realistic; This will not win him back the belt nor avenge his double losses against Chris Wiedemann.

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