I started blogging around 4 years back. I mostly shared my gaming experience and opinion as well as Gamming news. I then branched to include some aspects of my life and the things I found interesting. 

To this day, my main blog remains mostly about tech and Gamming. I started a second blog dedicated to life events and everything else using the new Ghost blogging platform that made everything look good out of the box. 

Maintaining your own WordPress storage while highly customizable and future proof also had its drawbacks. Manually updating and configuring everything can be time-consuming. You also share most of the responsibility of backing up your installation. Yes, some web hosts do help but mostly you’re on your own.

Despite the above, I still love blogging and will continue to share what’s on my mind. Creating content was always my passion be it writing, photo sharing our video making. Reading your old posts is as exciting as writing them in the first place. Looking at your own creation knowing that you made something is one of the best feelings ever. 

Sure I consume allot of content but I also try to produce as much as I could. Of course, we all have our unique life’s and situations which can sometimes be destructive preventing us from sharing that post idea that just appeared out of nowhere, but content creation is a habit just like any other. If you love it, you will find the time to do it. 

One of the benefits of living in the digital age is that everyone carries a content creating device in one form outer another. From mobile phones to laptops. I’m writing this from my iPhone as I lay down in a small apartment in Ukraine while on vacation visiting my grandparents.

I tend to keep my posts short and to the point giving each post personal feel as opposed to big corporate blogs. My goal is to blog more in the future and overall increase the frequency of new content. I will continue to cross-post to social media such as Tumblr and Medium making my content accessible to everyone.

Happy content creation to all.

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