Truth be told, I never liked social media site, namely Facebook. I joined because it was the cool thing to do and after resisting for some time I finally joined in. The site was new and wasn’t bloated with spying just yet. Nowadays, I quit almost all social media sites for privacy and anti productivity reasons. I keep FB messenger to communicate with my family in Ukraine and for nothing else.
Instagram was and still kinda fun but the Facebook acquisition and the site turning away from sharing mobile pictures into full political activism turned me away as well. To be honest, almost all social media sites turned out this way, except for one.

When I open Pinterest I’m not greeted with empty activism but instead of ideas that I can apply in real life. For example, my go-to place for mobile wallpapers is Pinterest and I always find what I need by stumbling across new recommendations that are done well.

Another real-life example is the house modelling ideas. I borrowed a lot from this site on shaping my own house be it furniture placement or arranging senses of peace together. There is always something to look at.
All in all, this is one of the useful sites that I still visit as I’m quitting on clutter and other time-wasting stuff as I embraced digital minimalism for a while and couldn’t be happier.

Feel free to check or follow my account for iPhone/Android wallpapers.

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