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Its no secret that PlayStation 4 is currently ahead in the next gen console war, whats important is what comes next for Xbox One? Speaking openly; I prefer the Xbox or PlayStation but I must give credit and respect for Sony for making PlayStation 4 the system it is. Sure the online store is not that great and PS network gets hacked and goes down frequently but the console is nicely designed and the joy pad is a major upgrade from the PS3.

Xbox One is not far behind and I still believe that should Microsoft haven’t made the mistakes they did when announcing it scaring the people away, more gamers would have picked it up but enough with that; What can Microsoft do to win this war? A few things:

Keep offering great Bundles

Bundle important AAA games with a system. Not only will this increase the chances of peps buying the console as they will be getting a great game along with a purchase, this will also push the brand of the game. Generate enough popularity and you can easily make a 2nd part of the game as people already played and liked the first bundled one.

Keep the price down

Microsoft did the right thing by lowering Xbox Ones price tag and won over more gamers and buys. With the current price of $349 many will consider this when buying their next Gen.

Unlock all CPU cores dropping kinect

Microsoft marketed the hell out Kinext and although its not the future, some enjoy voice commands features. What Microsoft should do is unlock the final core and give the option to the developer to include or drop kinext features. Drop some OS features as well in the name of games improvements. Make the core focus of the system on games and games only. TV and Facebook can step aside.

Push Direct X 12 

Educate and market DX 12 to developers in order to take the maximum advantage of the consoles capabilities and end the resolution war for ever. Any help counts during games development.

Have great Arcade Store deals

Self explanatory. Make great deals regularly and watch sales grow. Steam!

Gears of War 4

Gears of War made Xbox 360, and with the game rights in Microsoft’s hands I cant believe we still haven’t seen anything official! Its the most iconic game in Xbox’s history, use it as a weapon!


Do what you can to own exclusives and push the system sales forward using them. Sony realised this earlier and is hard at work. Street Fighter 5.

Keep going forward

This last point is kinda obvious; Dont give up and push forward. Microsoft has the cash and man power to do the job. Microsoft did allot of things right and can iron out the mistakes with constant improvements and that what Microsoft should be doing.

Feel free to share and add your own ideas in the comments.


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