Blackberry Passport impression

Let me tell the story by starting out with my smart phone history. As most around my area, I too jumped on the legacy Blackberry curve. The BBM made life new and easy. Adding people were exciting and new, texting free 24? Where do I sign?

Years passed and I made the switch to the iPhone, an amazing phone but too strict for its own good. I then triad the Samsung Galaxy Note II which broke in a year lol. Now I’m back on iPhone 5S and thinking to give HTC One a go. That until Blackberry passport was announced.

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I admit I did not give the device any importance at first, but as more and more news surfaced I reconsidered. I admit I love jailbroken IOS and think BBOS 10 is a downgrade but with the new system update and features I may give it ago if and only if the price is right.


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