Greatest Gaming Remakes

New doesn’t always mean better, but the bellows have managed to break this rule.

Resident Evil Remake

First released in 1996, Resident Evil quickly became the top dog in the survivor horror scene. It was until 2002 that fans hoped for the original to be remade and Capcom didn’t disappoint. The game was released on Nintendo GameCube with remade graphics, sound and more story as well as new areas such as the forest. A must play and own for any horror fan, let alone Resident Evil fan. 

The game was also ported to Nintendo Wii adding nothing but appears to be little cheaper new days. 

Metal Gear Twin Snakes

Holds a second place after Resident Evil Remake but still stands out. This was also released for the GameCube and remained exclusive without any further ports. The game adds very little in terms of areas and actually downgrades the sound track. However, new moves can now be used such as hanging to add some level of new and the graphics along with gameplay smoothness makes this remake standout.

Tony Hawk’s 2X

2X enhances the graphics and smoothest the gameplay adding new levels as well.  It’s not heavily remade as the rest but still brings something to the table. A must get for Tony Hawk’s fans. The game is Xbox exclusive and works on Xbox 360 with minor glitches.

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