Another day another eBay pickup. I just can’t get enough of Retro Nostalgia and for a good reason. Games back then while not as advanced as now had more personal depth and felt alive as developers did their best. Nowadays, it seems every game is just a clone of some other game. Exceptions, of course, Read More →

So it’s been a few months as I took an unwanted break from blogging and writing as a whole. The reason, of course, is me being busy with YouTube as I fine tuned the channel’s intro and overall quality. Never the less, writing and blogging is something I always enjoyed since a young age and Read More →

As you probably guessed, I took a break from blogging gaming related stuff – I did post my late Resident Evil Revelations 2 review though- and instead focused on writing gaming guides for, posting on my personal blog/political stuff on Medium and gaming itself. What am I playing? Yes I played the PC version Read More →

Ever since Hatred was announced and shown things went south very quickly. Many stores, including Steam at once refused to carry the game and Twitch even made a clear statement that streaming AO games will not be allowed considering Hatred will most probably end up with an AO rating. What’s the deal? Video games promote Read More →

This question brings back memories of people arguing that Extreme Sports are not real sports. Doing aggressive rollerblading I know what it feels like to start from nothing and work your way up with practice, gaining skill and getting better everyday so why is it exactly not a real sport considering I actually exercise? After thinking Read More →

Credit: I think we are starting to see how Microsoft will start benefiting from the huge Minecraft purchase and the first downloadable skins are here. For only $1.99 you will receive The Simpsons skin pack on Xbox One with Xbox 360 around feb. The rest of the platforms will surly follow although I am Read More →


Spoiler Alert: Ending Discussion The Evil Within’s ending is as confusing as it gets. At first all is good and simple until you realize that things are not what they seem. Lets debug it together: Sebastian defeats Ruvik smashing his brain and wakes up from the nightmare. He then notice that everyone connected to Ruvik’s Read More →