Ever since Hatred was announced and shown things went south very quickly. Many stores, including Steam at once refused to carry the game and Twitch even made a clear statement that streaming AO games will not be allowed considering Hatred will most probably end up with an AO rating. What’s the deal?

Video games promote violence

Long before Hatred, many news and so called justice warriors claimed that video games make people go crazy and violent. Despite many studies that proofed else, these fanatics continue to fight gaming as if it was Satan’s gift to sinners.

The real question is; Why aren’t movies and music attacked as much? After all, hate rap songs can be heard in music stores across the world with violent movies following such as The Human Centipede and A Serbian Film.


To this day I haven’t heard a real answer to the above question so I just came to a conclusion that the media is simply attacking gaming because it is considered the newts form of entertainment.
Blame the new guy for everything even though gaming is not so new by now and countless studies suggest that gaming makes a heather mind behavior.

Of course idiots make it worse by gaming for 3 days non stop, dying and ruining gaming for everyone. Despite the few, this should not be held against gaming as idiots do idiotic stuff every day like drinking water to death or jumping of a building.

What I’m trying to say is; don’t blame gaming for someones mental condition. Playing a war board game does not make me a commander and playing a video game does not make me a criminal.

Have a lovely day.

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