This question brings back memories of people arguing that Extreme Sports are not real sports. Doing aggressive rollerblading I know what it feels like to start from nothing and work your way up with practice, gaining skill and getting better everyday so why is it exactly not a real sport considering I actually exercise?


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After thinking for a while I came to the conclusion that any competitive activity that involves skill, training and competition can be considered a sport. Why must it be a ball game for it to be recognized and considered a sport? Now comes the important question: Can gaming be considered an eSport? Of course, here is why:

  • Its a skill and training thing

You work your way from nothing to the top by hard work, training and learning especially in competitive games like Counter Strike. If gaming was easy then everyone would have been a pro.

  • Its Competition

Playing against another human is tricky. Unlikely the predictable AI, humans can adapt and learn on the fly learning more of your gaming style and counter it with practice.

  • Its called eSport for a reason

eSports stands for electronic sports and that’s exactly what competitive gaming is about. You compete electronically. Who made the rule that a sport needs to involve your body physically?

People keep giving chess layers hard time cause its not a real sport but if you ask me it takes more practice and strategy than soccer, sorry but its true. Anything that involves the above mentioned points should be considered sport in my opinion. The world is constantly evolving and so should our thoughts. We need more sports and entertainment not less.

And to the idiot Colin Cowherd who apparently have a grudge with gaming; Its not our fault that your stuck in stone age era with debunked stereotypes about gaming. I for one welcome the idea that idiots like you should do us all a favorite and quit. Not liking something is one thing, being an ignorant idiot is another.

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