So wait, downloading giant patches is a thing now? First Halo the masterchief collection and now this? So releasing broken games with a promise that future updates will make it more playable is slowing becoming the norm, just ask assassin’s creed unity.

Rage aside, the latest Mortal Kombat X Steam update simply deletes your whole save file along with statistics and progress. Do developers test their games anymore? It is very sad that players who progressed and worked hard for game statistics are getting back to zero to start all over again with no future guaranties that this wont happen again. Sad indeed.

On another note, why downloading 10 GB+ patches is becoming the norm? Its like downloading the whole game again. Not everyone has fiber optics internet speed and most don’t want to wait days to finis the download. I understand that game breaking bugs are discovered after release but putting more testing in place is the key, NOT pushing out broken games.

Back in my days Sega Saturn games had zero patches and was playable since day one. Developers: Please take your job more serious or else don’t cry when you end up like Capcom.

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