I recently learned that one of my favourite Dreamcast-PC ports was removed from the only legal DRM Free store. The game is still available on Steam along with the first part for $19 a game. Despite the game still being available legally online, this is another example of a Digital only grim future. People who Read More →

The first Evil Within PC port was questionable for many PC gamers as it had some issues surrounding performance mainly frame rates and stutter. Even on higher systems, the game simply wasn’t able to hit a solid 60 frames. I was able to complete the game with mix settings hitting around 30 frames in most Read More →

Another day another eBay pickup. I just can’t get enough of Retro Nostalgia and for a good reason. Games back then while not as advanced as now had more personal depth and felt alive as developers did their best. Nowadays, it seems every game is just a clone of some other game. Exceptions, of course, Read More →

STEAM Chat is now blocking most Torrent links shared. What surprises me is that why would any one share pirated software links while on legit download service?! I understand that they may have Steam running with no games but that would be an over kill for a chat client, but then again there is no Read More →