I think we can all agree that it’s time to stop calling PC Gamers thieves and more importantly, stop treating them like one. Articles like this dominated the general uneducated public mainly greedy developers and ignorant console fanboys for years.

It’s funny because Ubisoft claimed that 95% Of PC Gamers Are Pirates in previous statements only to announce that PC division is bringing in about 20% of total revenue behind the PS4’s 27%. Strange world, if everyone is a pirate or better yet as some console fanboys try to put it: Nobody plays on PC than who is buying?

PC Gaming was and always will be profitable. The problem is, developers don’t seem to understand it.

Drop the DRM

Digital Rights Management was invented to combat piracy. What it did instead is punished legit customers while leaving the pirates with a better copy. made it clear; people buy the games once they feelsecure. Drop the DRM at least for the single player. Witcher 3 shipped DRM free on the PC and is doing well. That’s a triple A game right there.

Stop pushing out broken console ports

I remember the days when consoles got PC ports and not the other way around. Everyone was happy. Now that greed has taken over and games became commercialized as opposite to art broken console ports are overtaking the industry. Don’t blame the players when your product is broken. Batman Arkham Knight.

Optimize and embrace PC gaming features

Use the PC exclusive features like Moding, configuring and power to make the best port possible. We PC gamers want the game to feel like a PC game and not a console Rom running on an emulator. Few developers used to strip the game down when porting it to PC removing the basic configuration settings. Car manufacturers customize their cars for each region, so must the developers. Make the best port for each platform.

Use the existing Marketplace

Many developers are trying to push their version of Steam. Everyone wants a peace of the pie. Use the biggest market of all to sell your game instead of pushing your unfinished restricted platform namely uPlay. Competition is good and what not but not when its against the consumer.


PC Gaming is growing and attracting more players than ever. Take it serious and your games will sell.

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