Greed, a very bad and unhealthy thing that cursed the world of gaming as well as all other form of entertainment. Developers are looking to make a quick buck off old titles and broken games is nothing new and Quake Live is the latest victim of greed.

To be perfectly clear, I’m not against developers making money. They put in hard work -most of the times- and deserve to be paid. What I don’t support is broken games, old washed out remasters and in this case the sudden change to the most evil thing in the human history; Subscription model.

The loyal fans that supported this game suddenly lost everything including statistics and progress when the team decided to make it a paid subscription only without any warning. Yes developers reserve the right to do what they please with the game they created but please remember that pissing off loyal customers did not even well for many.

Moving on to the Subscription model, how many times do we need to make thinks clear; WE HATE this greedy scam! A one time payment is more than enough and we like it to be this way. If they need to maintain servers they could make it that anyone can host them like the original Quake 3 and thanks to that even Dreamcasat players can still connect and play to the self hosted servers by anyone.

Greed is killing the industry, not higher cost and it will only get worse. A friend once told me: Games used to be art, we make the best game we can. Now its just about money, we work as little as possible and charge the customer dry.

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