As you probably guessed, I took a break from blogging gaming related stuff – I did post my late Resident Evil Revelations 2 review though- and instead focused on writing gaming guides for, posting on my personal blog/political stuff on Medium and gaming itself.

What am I playing?


Yes I played the PC version to death and mixed out the available level ups and weapons upgrades. Why get the Xbox One version? I like having a physical copy of the game so I can play it whenever I want after/if the digital service goes under in the future. The more important reason is I have my brother and friend joying in, triple the fun. I was never a online shooter guy even though I own counter strike and call of duty but this game got it right. Very underrated game to be honest.

Speaking of Titanfall, my keyboard and mouse are getting old and I’m thinking of an upgrade. Guess my wish list?



While they both look nice, the keyboard cost around $118.99. That is pretty expensive although not as expensive as what I seen in the local computer shops not to mention that I will be spending this much on something that wont even improve the frame rates of any game but is nice to have. Wish list for now until I find something better or this goes on sale.

On the PC side, I’m in the last chapter of Resident Evil Revelation and as my review stated; this game is amazing. The best since Resident Evil Code Veronica. The game play is creepy and controls are tight. Even the enemies are somehow as good as zombies and this is just a budget game. Looking forward to Resident Evil 7 although I wont get my hope up.

Capcom did a huge mistake by going in the action direction when it comes to Resident Evil and paid the price with lower sales except RE4. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

Moving on to my YouTube gaming channel; I’m waiting for my ordered Blue Microphones Snowball to arrive. Decent video with bad sound will ruin the whole thing, and I though that HD video is the ultimate king.


No, I am not ditching blogging as writing is something I enjoy and did/do for over 15 years even though I never called myself a writer. The gaming channel is something I always wanted to do to reach bigger audiences and more personal touch as opposite to blogging.  Yes blogging is still king when it comes to info and what not so its not going anywhere anytime soon.

So what have you all been up to these days?

Have anything on your mind? Say it..

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