So it’s been sometimes since I last blogged due to me being busy with my YouTube channel. Nevertheless, I picked up a few goodies while playing new games including Call of duty Black OPS3 and currently Dying Ligh which I enjoy very much. So it’s been awhile since I first had my own house key Read More →

Hey guys, how you all been? First, I apologize for not blogging for some time but I was doing allot of activities. I completed the third book of Harry Potter, progressed in Resident Evil Zero in order to write a guide for GameFAQs, bought a new GPU but most importantly worked on my YouTube channel. Read More →

I finally joined the 30s club, and what a ride it was. Growing older and celebrating birthdays was big to me until I turned 27 and realized that doing what I love is what I should be doing instead of waiting for the perfect opportunity. I started blogging, kick started my Youtube channel and continued Read More →

As you probably guessed, I took a break from blogging gaming related stuff – I did post my late Resident Evil Revelations 2 review though- and instead focused on writing gaming guides for, posting on my personal blog/political stuff on Medium and gaming itself. What am I playing? Yes I played the PC version Read More →

I apologies for not blogging much during the last two weeks. I had a few things going like finishing Resident Evil 6 and starting 4 on the Xbox 360, sorting my eBay purchases which are yet to arrive and some other things. I was planing to get a PS4 and later Xbox One but decided Read More →