So I was chilling at home watching YouTube before work when I came across a video response to Peter McKinnon. The video was titled is Peter McKinnon wrong?. An interesting video I thought and so I clicked it not knowing that I was stumbling into one of the best advice anyone can give me.

Jamie Windsor was making an argument or rather a clarification on McKinnon’s Done is better than perfect video making the point of working little harder may give you much better results which I totally agree with but that’s not what caught my attention. My biggest problem when producing content was always aiming toward the sky. The perfect blog post, the perfect video. And while creating great content is not the problem, the aim for perfection is what made me not release or even start many ideas that could have ended on my blog or channel.

Done is better than perfect

A simple yet powerful phrase changed my thinking from the moment I watched the video. How come I never heard or thought of this powerful concept before? I even wrote a blog post about perfection before but this phrase gives me a clear idea on what I was doing wrong and what I should be doing. Forget perfection and start creating. Progress will come with time as the video pointed out and that is correct. I started writing and filming practically from zero and while I do not claim to be at the top, my content is 10 times better than what it used to be. Getting things done is what I should be focusing on rather than how good the content really is or how people will view it.

Of course getting better and learning new things should be your goal from the start but don’t let the perfect image in your mind stop you from creating. So after hearing the phrase I immediately knew what needed to be done. I hope to live through 2019 with this more and produce more content without the pressure of perfection and what other people think. If anything, I should have seen this earlier considering that a lot of top channels produce above average continent and still be successful. Not trying to put anyone down or advocate for laziness but you all understood what I mean.

Anyway, just wanted to share this enlightenment or whatever you want to call it and hope that it will help someone out there. If one person enjoyed your content or found it helpful than you made a difference regardless of how perfect your message was.

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