Hey guys, how you all been? First, I apologize for not blogging for some time but I was doing allot of activities. I completed the third book of Harry Potter, progressed in Resident Evil Zero in order to write a guide for GameFAQs, bought a new GPU but most importantly worked on my YouTube channel. Read More →

We all have our daily visited website and I am no different. Ofcourse the priority changed over the years so here are my daily visited websites these days:


I only visit the UFC and WWE section as I’m both a WWE and MMA fan. The strange thing is; I mostly read the comments rather than the blog post itself.


The hardcore news network. News and updates that are intended for a serious gamer along with a few controversial things that are not covered anywhere.


Long before YouTube, there was GameFAQs. I remember browsing it for the first time as I was playing Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast. Guides and FAQs that cannot be found elsewhere, even paid. Years later and I became a writer. Feel free to vist my page with all my work: http://www.gamefaqs.com/users/Adam3k3/contributions/faqs


Where else could I shop for old school gems? 90% of my shopping goes here.




Visiting the forums although not as active as I once was as I’m now more into blogging and writing.

Well, the above are my daily visited sites. I do visit more but I feel they are not as frequent as the ones I mentioned.

Ok, I was never a selfie fan, nor am I now but the stand caught my attention at the mall which resulted in immediate buy of not so cheap $65 iPhone selfie/stand. I was looking for something like this for sometime but never bothered ordering it online. The main use of curse would be making youtube videos or even skating/other activities.

Testing the thing with my iPhone 5S front camera. Excuse the messy place as I was moving things around and did not bother cleaning up the place for the picture -_-