Hey guys, how you all been? First, I apologize for not blogging for some time but I was doing allot of activities. I completed the third book of Harry Potter, progressed in Resident Evil Zero in order to write a guide for GameFAQs, bought a new GPU but most importantly worked on my YouTube channel. I’m happy to report that the channel is no longer in Beta. I managed to iron out the mistakes I used to do, updated my channel art and set a standard style for all my upcoming content.

Adam3k3_Banner3Running a YouTube channel is not easy, at least when you’re taking it seriously. However, this blog will remain alive and active as well as my personal non-gaming one. For the most part, I will post content best suited to a blog as well as more details or information about a topic I may have covered on my YouTube channel.

I will resume writing game guides for soon so that’s not going anywhere as well. I spent the last few months updating my old FAQs with more detailed information and fixing the spelling/grammar mistakes. There are many more games I would like to write for so expect more content in the near future.


My personal non-gaming blog will receive content as well. Mostly personal stories, experience or tech. The reason I created that blog was mostly due to the Ghost blogging system that I wanted to try and I must say I love it. Simple and looks great out of the box.

Keep an eye on my social media mostly twitter as I am active the most on, followed by Google+. My Facebook is sort of like a collection log for all my content but unless someone message me, I’m not that active on it. You can request specific content by messaging or twitting me directly. Note that my twitter feed is shown on the right side of this website.

I’m fully intending to mix both my YouTube and this blog’s content together and make this website a central hub for all my work. If anything is happening, you will hear about it here or on Twitter. Writing was and still is a big part of me and I’m not intending of letting go.

Thank you very much for your support and I hope I will continue to provide helpful and entertaining content for you to enjoy.

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