I finally joined the 30s club, and what a ride it was.

Growing older and celebrating birthdays was big to me until I turned 27 and realized that doing what I love is what I should be doing instead of waiting for the perfect opportunity. I started blogging, kick started my Youtube channel and continued writing for GamefAQs.com.

The thing I learned from the previous 30 years is to not wait and do what you love as soon as it crosses your mind. There is no such a thing as the perfect time. I also learned to finish things and work extra hard instead of pushing things in volumes. Quality over quantity is what you should be doing. But the, even more, an important thing is to actually release your work.

I can honestly say I’m excited and optimistic entering the new phase of my life following my dreams and doing what I love on both career and hobby wise. I must also say that I matured and leveled up in many of life’s tasks. Being a better person while keeping the fundamental core of whom you are is the way to go.

Overall, I like to believe that I had a good run up till this point and things will only get better.

Looking forward to my new projects. Thanks for following and supporting my content.

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