I have been gaming since the age of five or even younger if I can recall. I been through the generations and seen first hand how the gaming industry was changing. Over the years, I have bought many used games and the number keeps getting bigger and bigger. Here are my reasons to keep buying used games:

  • They are cheap

Used games prices are not what they used to be, still they are cheaper than buying new ones by around 40-60% and that’s not an easy difference. Yes, I have a job and save money meaning I can afford to pay full price but why should I considering the crap developers are pushing new days which brings us to point 2.

Jokes aside, games can be costly in many countries across the globe including where I live. Used games market makes sure that everyone has the chance to enjoy this wonderful hobby. And NO, used games are Not killing the industry. Lazy development and microtransactions are!

  • Lazy development

Gone are the days where developers worked hard to make the best possible game they can. New days, remasters and incomplete full of bugs games are released with features locked behind microtransactions and DLCs. Milking the consumer for less and less content is becoming a habit for most developers.

Saving money and working smarter eliminating the unneeded features like real life celebrities doing the in-game voices is one. Working with better, more optimised engines is also a good alternative. Making a game for the sake of getting rich gets you nowhere, just ask the big shots.

  • Not worth getting new

The harshest reason of them all. simply, new games are not worth getting new. Most of them at least. Call old timer all you like but games used to be better in every aspect. The original Playstation and Saturn pushed the limit and the Dreamcast continued. New days, it’s a quick cash grab and broken mess.

The story in most games is piss poor and the gameplay is shorter than a newborn guinea pig. Let’s face it, just like music the gaming industry became all about money. Yes, good games are still being made but Call of Duty proved that releasing the same game every year is much more profitable than putting in hard work that may not pay off aka Shenmue.

. . .

Good games are still around, not in the quantity they used to be in though. One can only hope.

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