I apologies for not blogging much during the last two weeks. I had a few things going like finishing Resident Evil 6 and starting 4 on the Xbox 360, sorting my eBay purchases which are yet to arrive and some other things.

I was planing to get a PS4 and later Xbox One but decided to give it more time since no big games are coming out that are not available on the PC. I will be placing an Evil Within preorder on my Xbox 360 until I decide what to do next.

I have also placed an order for a replacement CPU for my brothers old rig which is yet to arrive.


AMD Athlon 64 3200+

AMD Athlon 64 3200+

Other than that, Crash Team racing also arrived which I think is the best vs racing game on any system including Mario Cart.

Crash Team Racing


Im still searching eBay components for my new Rig but may grab a rare Saturn game or two in the process. So how is everyone? Keep Gaming and have fun.

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