First of all I know I’m very late to the part. Like many Resident Evil fans, I kinda lost interest in the new RE games -after RE3 to be exact- but bought the game regardless on steam. Now that’s out of the way let’s get into the quick review.

The game is amazing! Not as the old ones but better than Resident Evil 6 and 5. The atmosphere is creepy and you are actually facing a scary zombie like enemies instead of the lame plagas.


The characters swapping from Resident Evil Zero returns to form an even better connection and tag moves. Basically, you control two characters -one at a time- and must make them work together to un locks things and what not. Don’t be fooled by the younger partners and the lack of guns, each plays an important rule and Resident Evil was never about a huge gun collection.

Get back into the atmosphere, the game takes place in an abandoned Soviet Union island. The places resemble actual towns in Ukraine – where I was born- and the speaking parts do add into the story. For the first time, I was actually creeped out by the boss and the main story which was not 10/10 but a creepy one nevertheless.


Yes the PC version has a problem that I personally encountered; the out of sync story videos. Other than that, the game looked and ran fine with a 50/60 FPS considering I’m still using Core to Quad CPU and a budget GTX 750 at a 720 resolution. Capcom is really a hit and miss when it comes to porting their games. Resident Evil 5 and 6 ran perfectly while 4 ultimate HD and remastered had slow downs.

Overall, the game is great and will bring back memories of the old ones. Get it for your favorite platform and enjoy.

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