Quantum Break PC version is Windows 10 store only!


In case you haven’t heard, the anticipated Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break is now coming to the PC. The bad news, it’s a Windows 10 store exclusive.

I don’t know how Microsoft works on the inside or who is running the show but I do know that releasing your first cross platform (game after admitting past mistakes and the promise of taking a better approach toward PC gamers) on only Windows 10 new store is how you piss people off. Look mate, I’m currently running a legit version of Windows 10 home edition so it’s not that I’m hating on the windows or anything, it’s just the untrusted Windows 10 store that I have a problem with!

Don’t blame me if I’m not a fan of buying things from an OS store especially after the Games for windows fail that I supported back in the day. With Stea it’s clear, you buy the game and can install it on as many PCs as you like and even have an offline mode. Windows 10 store, not so much. Not releasing your biggest game on the most popular distribution platform is basically making sure that the game won’t sell well.

But I know whats going on, it’s a sad trap to lure in user to upgrade and use Windows 10. About a good chunk of gamers are still on Windows 7 and for a good reason. Spying issues, the open door to disable and monitor what you do on your PC and the list goes on. Why do you think Microsoft is basically giving away Windows 10 for free to 7/8 owners?

Why do I care? I was planning to run this game on my newly ordered 980 GTX but seeing all this now I think I will be happier playing on my Xbox One. Who knows how long this great Windows 10 store is gonna last?!

Microsoft, if you want to capitalize on PC Gaming then stop playing tricks with us. PC gamers unlikely console folks will not accept bullshit just because the company said so. Look at Arkham Knight. I for one hope that Microsft realize the huge mistake before it’s too late and give us options. A physical version won’t hurt as well.




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