pokemon_vrA dream come true for old school Nintendo and Pokemon fans. Pokemon has gone VR. Well not really but this test created by a developer using a motion control and Oculus Rift.

How do I personally feel? I don’t know. Sure it’s cool to be using VR in games but are we there yet? And the most important question; Will this be the next 3D? I remember the craze that came along with the new 3D technology, I my self own a 3D TV and I am yet to test it. Truth is, no body cares any more. The hype shifted to the smart TV which is basically running android on your TV. And with the whole Facebook, Oculus Rift deal things can go south.

I’m not saying this is the next gimmick but I also not sold that this is the future. Just like flying cars, this is just something we are not yet ready to do. Concentrate on making Great games > This VR thing.

I just don’t want this to be the next Wii controller. Doing VR for the sake of VR. Concentrate on making great games and when if Oculus Rift becomes mainstream then and only then jump on the train. Now I realize that no official statement or support been made regarding this but I feel like developers will take note and try to early adopt for the sake of adoption.

I said it twice, I will take great games over new gimiks any day.

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