spacehdIt is the year 2014, video games has grown to the point that a single game install can take up to 50 GB+ let alone day one patch of 20 GB. This is becoming an issue to a growing number of gamers as hard disk space is something to be considered very seriously. Fast internet to download monthly patches is a luxury many don’t have including myself.

Now I know that games are getting bigger and more space is used by all the HD stuff and what not but I’m sure that sure that developers, if worked hard could come up with a way to optimize and compress the content without noticeably effecting the quality. We are doing this to video files since I don’t know when using Handbrake or other software so whats the problem with games? Compress the videos and music but give me a smaller  install requirement any day. Allow the option of selecting the install type and video/music quality to save disk space.

The other thing is the day one 1GB patch thing; take your time developing and optimizing. I understand that bugs are found after release but not this much. Assassin’s Creed Unity had over 300 bugs that are being fixed with patches, don’t tell Uobisoft did not know about that.

The simple fact is developers are rushing the games out half finished with hopes of fixing them along the line and that is something I hate! I can wait an extra month or two so please take your time and optimize. Gone are the days where developers had to figure of the PlayStation one and Sega Saturn to take a full advantage and release an optimized version and there were no patches back then. Now its all about money and quick yearly releases with little to no effort put in.

I really hope that future games become less space demanding and fully playable day one. Is that so much to ask?

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