IOS 8.0.2 is out


Apple released an update for IOS 8 that was supposed to fix some issues, instead two new serious problems were created. Not long after, Apple released another update to fix the first update’s problems including Finger scan and mobile network problems. Now while I agree that Apple made a huge disappointment, the problem was handled fast and I can confirm that it is indeed fixed as I personally tested it on my iPhone 5S. Reports allover the web confirm the same thing as well.

I really hope that Apple take testing more seriously as another major screw u like this will send the company backwards. Never the less, this is not the first time that a big corp release a faulty update, nor will this be the last time. At least the problem was fixed quickly and everything should now be in the correct working order.

I understand the disappointment of people who do business by phone as they are effected the most but like I said, at least IOS 8.0.2 came out quickly.

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