Apple released an update for IOS 8 that was supposed to fix some issues, instead two new serious problems were created. Not long after, Apple released another update to fix the first update’s problems including Finger scan and mobile network problems. Now while I agree that Apple made a huge disappointment, the problem was handled Read More →

The not so long awaited IOS 7 jailbreak is here, but reports all over the web are pointing out that it may be sending user data to some site. The full story can be found on I personal will hold off for a few days until the storm blows and everything will be visible. The need Read More →

As with every year, my carrier contract expire this month meaning new phone is available for upgrade. The question is, which one? I was impressed with the new IOS7 and once I installed it on my iPhone 4s I immediately realized that I need a newer iPhone if I want things to be smooth. On the other hand, I got tiered of my Read More →

Its no secret that one of the biggest world wide tech disappointment accrued yesterday, the BBM launch cancellation. Despite the extreme hype and rumors followed by official statement of the release date, BlackBerry failed to live up to yet another promise. After hours of strange silence, Blackberry came with a statement that an unofficial leaked BBM Read More →


The recent IOS7 redesign made me remove the much needed cover exposing my iPhone 4s to danger but damn, the design is beautiful and with the new them it looks sweeter than ever. Of course the this may also be due that my phone upgrade is soon so I’m not that worried about it although I will likely get HTC One.