iphone 6

I would like to start with the fact that I am getting a new phone yearly for the past 3 years starting with iPhone 4s, Note II and iPhone 5s. Now while the phone is free, the monthly data is not cheap but considering the fact that I use the phone allot for both business and personal use I was hoping to get the iPhone 6 plus this December. Well, that was the plan until reports of the new iPhone bending in one;s pocket.

Well considering that I keep the phone in my pocket most of the time, this cannot be good news. The next logical choice would be to get my always wanted HTC One.

Nothing but good things are said about the One. Knowing HTC, I am sure the phone will be a better option than Galaxy S whatever. The last option would be to hold out or cancel my plan altogether but with my high calls volume I started to question that derision. The problem is, as much as I want Apple to fix this, they probably wont and will just ignore it. Not sure about the future but I await an official response as I must make a choice by December which happens to be my birthday as well. We wait and see.

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