Unsurprisingly, Kickstarter now officially and legally requires you to complete you project should it make the go. Now I have mixed feeling toward this new policy as I am my self will be posting a project hopefully soon. So whats the problem you may ask? For starters, I am not planing to scum any one and I totally understand the need for a such a policy as people tend to abuse the system and don’t deliver mainly in gaming.

Now this is perfectly fine but what if something really goes wrong and you have no say in the matter like a failed deal or you your self get scummed? Most of Kickstarters are no business man and don’t know how things are done so they may be an easy target. I also understand that one must take a risk and understanding before posting anything but things happen and some of the mistakes can be costly.

I now hope that people start taking others donations more serious as the new policy may have you arrested. I wish the best for this wonderful site as it made products that otherwise wouldn’t see the light of day available and possible.

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