iPhone 5c is here!

iPhone 5cThe wait is over, the long rumored cheaper plastic model also known as iPhone 5c is here.

To my surprise, Apple handled this far better than the iPad mini which is basically a smaller iPad 2.

Skipping all the boring stuff, here are some points every one understands:

• Comes in five different colors

• Six different cases made by Apple

• Home screen matches the actual color of the outside casing (Same color as the iPhone)

•  A6 chip (Faster than iPhone 4s)

• Improved8 Megapixel Camera

• New Camera App

• IOS 7 Ready

My Take on this: Honestly, surprised. This model is basically an improved iPhone 5 which is surprising, and shocking in a good way considering it was made for the less privileged. Starting at $100 per contract is a good deal as well. 

Will cover more as information becomes available or the phone itself for testing.

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